I was born in 1990 in Fort Worth, Texas. I prepared my first art critique when I was 20 months old at the Dallas Museum of Art. Turning a corner, I am told, I faced a huge, red, modern painting which caused me to cover my eyes and cry, “Noooo, noooooooo!”

I was also destined to be a writer. My maternal grandmother was a food editor in the 1950s, my mother was a health writer and my auntie, Julie Bain, is a writer and editor in New York City. Early on, I was a lazy writer and always tried to write the shortest spelling sentences possible. I discovered the joys of writing, with details, sometime after that.

As a young child, I traveled with my family and read books every second I could. I was mesmerized by musical theatre productions, loved exploring new technologies at science museums and was fascinated to see Monet’s use of changing light in a series of Haystacks paintings. I often flew through the clouds in a twin Cessna with my dad. He bought me my first camera when I was seven and I still remember the excitement of picking up the newly developed photos from the drugstore.


In high school, I strapped on my tap shoes for musical theatre and studied the entire history of art in preparation for the annual class trip to Chicago. I was on the high school dance team for four years, wearing a twirly, red satin cowgirl skirt, boots and a hat while high kicking with the other 74 girls.

I arrived at the University of Oklahoma in the fall of 2009 to study online journalism and art history. I worked the city fire and police beat in 2011, was a freelance photographer for campus publications, helped train Army captains how to interact with the media and blogged. I cha-cha-ed my way into the Sooner Ballroom Dance Club and added ballroom, swing, blues and Latin dancing to my repertoire.

Chosen as one of 34 ASME interns (American Society of Magazine Editors), I was thrilled to work at Popular Science magazine in New York City during the summer of 2012.

While at OU, I enjoyed my job as the webmaster for the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. As part of this position, I had the honor to attend and hostess at university presidential dinners for art dignitaries and donors. I’m also very proud of my work on the OU (academic) Integrity Council. I was a peer educator, a misconduct investigator and a member of the new member selection committee.

While completing my degree in art history I broadened my horizons and came to adore modern art. With original research and on-site photography, I wrote my senior capstone on the subject of street art in Brooklyn during the summer of 2012.

I graduated from OU in 2013. I had a very enriching summer backpacking through Western Europe with a friend, visiting 28 cities in 14 countries. 

I returned to Texas and co-wrote Welcome to College! 101 Ways to Rock Your World. I now live in Austin and work as a freelance writer and editor for multiple projects, focusing on topics such as art, travel, health and college success. I'm also an RYT-500 and teach yoga every day!

You can learn more about me on my blog, http://www.simplysalmagundi.wordpress.com.