Copywriting, content strategy, and editing for B2B and B2C 

You know your audience, let me help you connect with them through tailored content that always keeps them in mind. 


Articles & Blogs

Quality content drives impressions into leads. Let Page create the content — attributed or ghost written — that brings in revenue and turns sometimes-readers into loyal customers.


Marketing Content

The stuff that sells your product. It's important to get it right, not just well punctuated. Page has experience in writing printed advertorials and creating SEO-friendly, interesting to read website copy.



Intentional Lifestyle

With millennial snark, witty commentary, and entrepreneurial experience, Page writes about designing the life you want to live. She shares travel, finance, fitness, and health tips in articles and blogs.




Hi! My name’s Page and I’m the owner of The Curated Page. I’m a freelance intentional lifestyle writer, banisher of Lorem Ipsum, grammar perfectionist, AP Style guru and part-time world traveler. 

I became an entrepreneur at 22, knowing that I never wanted to settle down in a cubicle and wanted the flexibility to design my own life. With a degree in journalism, some money in a savings account, and millennial-spirit, I founded my own freelance writing business: The Curated Page. Depending on the day, you can find me writing for various blogs, slaying SEO, and strategizing content or fostering kittens and traveling the world. See all the digital nomad adventures, coffeeshop co-working, and fluffy cuteness on Instagram @pagecurated.


“Page is so easy to work with: she submits content on time, asks for advice when she faces a problem, and comes up with interesting and innovative story ideas. Her personal voice is snarky and witty, but she can alter her tone to fit what the piece requires.”
— Sarah Stealey Reed, Director of Content Marketing at Zendesk
“To be successful in today’s marketplace, you can’t be good at just one thing. Page possesses the ability to mold herself to the situation and to learn any skill that she desires to attain. She brings a freshness to material and is a thorough researcher ready to tackle any project put before her.”
— Dayna Steele, Author, Speaker, Success Strategist, and Candidate for Texas CD36
“I would (and do) recommend Page to *anyone* who needs quality writing for blogs or editing for reports. Hiring Page was one of the best business decisions I have made.”
— Joe Goldman, Goldman Insights